Many Stones for Palestine
A participatory installation by Gita Hashemi
First exhibited in Artists Against the Occupation, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario, Canada, August 7 -September 7, 2002

A Vow, a Wish and Many Stones for Palestine

I vow to never, never, never
    speak to the stones again.
I vow to never dream
    of the midnight sea.
I vow to never imagine black
    as the colour of the sky
    which is never black,
    just beyond our grasp.
I vow to never remember
    my gelatinous birth.
I vow to never believe never remains
    for ever.

I always wish for
    the olive
    to plump its flesh
    when it so desires.
I always wish for
    the orange to ripen with juice
    in its own time.
I always wish for
    the stars and the clouds to mingle
    just by themselves.
I always wish for
    the desert and the salty sea to touch
    with no barriers in between.
I always wish always remains
    for ever.

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